"Miss Sandovici inspires with the tale of an immigrant family told through the eyes of the mother and daughter. With an interesting use of voice the author weaves a story that begins in Romania where a young couple leaves a life of comfort to go to America where a life of working class poverty takes its toll. The inspiration comes through the lessons of the past and how we can determine our futures in the decisions we make today. Drawing parallels between the mother's past and her daughter's seemingly listless current path, both characters show the determination in times of weakness to make life better."

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"This novel presents important issues for women (and men), such as always having the emotional and financial means to leave a relationship. It also addresses something our society does not give attention to--forgiveness & healing of damaged marriages; moreover, it does this realistically, showing the pain of looking at errors in the past and showing the pain of the inability to express with words what one feels in one's heart. Sandovici's novel addresses class, cultural, materialistic, race, literacy, and language issues. This is a highly accessible novel. It starts off in the style of Bridget Jones Diary, however much more nuanced with attention to class and ethnicity issues, and then it links the young woman's story and journey to the mother's story, showing women's important empowering issues for both. It would be a good text to supplement a women's studies class, pointing out the intersectionality in feminism. Also, it'd pair nicely with the novel Ghana Must Go due to its narrational structure." Amazon Review

Dogs with Bagels is Maria Elena Sandovici's literary debut. Loosely inspired by her own adventures as a young, foreign woman in Manhattan, it presents the reader with a warped version of the American dream. 

​Dogs with Bagels is a New York City novel about an immigrant family for whom the American dream takes a few unexpected turns.